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Our “Done For You” services aim to build teams, to refine leaders, to improve culture, and to serve Black-owned businesses

We Do

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One of the most important investments you’ll make in your business is on talent.


Teams are made up of people. Finding the right people for your team is necessary but it is definitely not easy. That is where we come in to save you time and frustration.


That’s why we manage every aspect of your hiring process–from the creation of the position to onboarding of the new hire–so that you can focus on areas that excite you most.

Levels of Support:

  • Hire Like A Boss Basic

  • Hire Like A Boss Premium

  • Direct Hire Staffing (Placement ONLY)

  • Full Service Staffing

HR Retainer

If you’re not quite ready to have an entire HR department, the HR Retainer is the perfect option for consulting around HR strategic planning, implementation support, and executive coaching & leadership development.

The retainer is a non-refundable fee that reserves a set number of support hours on our calendar for a for a 4, 8 or 12 month period (based on the number of support hours) . Once the hours have been complete you will have to option to reserve more hours or to pause working with us until you need us again.

Levels of Support:

  • HR Strategic Plan Development

  • Strategic Implementation Support

  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

HR Retainer

HR Outsource
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For clients who are in need of long-term services, we operate as their human resources department to create the HR infrastructure, policies, and procedures they need to effectively manage their teams day to day needs. 

Designed to increase your current human resources function's bandwidth, this option allows you to elevate current HR efforts providing strategic guidance and operational support, improving your working efficiency and ROI.

Levels of Support:

  • Fractional HR Outsource | HR Leadership | HR Support

  • HR Infrastructure Design and Creation 

  • HR Department Staffing and Onboarding​

HR Outsource

My business had earned almost 3M in the year before I hired my first full-time employee!


Arrogantly, I assumed that if I could build a multi-million dollar business with no team, hiring and building a team would be a piece of cake. After all, I had already got through the hard part of running a business, right? Wrong! 

I made a few poor choices in hiring and found myself overwhelmed. It took getting tired of running around a hamster wheel of people management and HR issues to realize the problem was me! I was trying to be something I was not—an HR Expert. I needed to hire someone with that specific expertise, who knew more than me in that space, to take it off my plate and lead that area for me.
That is where Joy came in. She helped me gain clarity, pinpoint some of my issues, manage some employee fires, develop SOPs.  She also helped me outline a roadmap to support long-term company culture and staffing goals.
As an entrepreneur, people will often tell you that to scale and grow, you need a team. This is true. But what many don't tell you is there are consequences to building the WRONG team. It can stifle your growth and threaten the stability of what you have worked so hard to achieve.

I am glad that I found Joy when I did, and my only regret is that I didn't meet her in my first year of hiring! Better late than never! ​

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