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Small Business HR Services for CEOs


Finally …. A Service to Help You Navigate These HR Streets

& Boss Up in Your Business

Quiet as kept…
you’re sick of this CEO ish!

The stress of running the business AND creating and managing a team is driving you crazy. You have BIG dreams, though. You want to serve more people and make more money, but the way your stress management situation is set up….

You need relief, and you need results…NOW!

Do you remember when you were an excited CEO, and you viewed every day as a new opportunity to excel? Yes?

Well… get ready to walk back into that happy place.

The CEO Circle was created exclusively for CEOs who want exponential growth but need help transitioning from stress to success as they build and lead their team.

The CEO Circle is overflowing with the support and resources you need to turn your situation around and get you back to your happy place.




Dedicated HR Doer

Of course, you want access to all the tools and templates… but... You’re a Busy CEO.

The truth is you don’t have time to scroll through pages and pages of templates. The C.E.O. Circle provides you with a dedicated HR Doer to help you tackle those day-to-day needs such as job postings, policies, staff communications, and more. 


No more having to scour the internet for hours, or even worse…. turn to someone who is NOT an HR expert for information. Just send your HR Doer a quick note; they’ll get to work so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Access to Our Client Portal

This is where the value resides. You are ready to start reclaiming your time. You want easy access to schedule time with your HR Business Partner, check out your to-do list, track deliverables, and see important dates and upcoming events all in one place…

You (and your team) will have access to your client portal to schedule time and communicate with your HR Business Partner, track your deliverables and to-do lists, and access training and replays. 

Weekly Office Hours

As you begin taking action to grow your team and your business, you’ll have questions – LOTS of them. So we’re inviting you to tap in for some quality Q&A time.

During these virtual meetings, no questions will go unanswered. Come prepared to share your obstacles, and leave with clarity and solutions!

Expert Hours

​Curated virtual trainings for CEO's led by field experts helping you to increase your knowledge and execution in the following areas:

  • SOPs and Process Development 

  • Attracting the Right People/Employer Branding

  • Team Training & Development 

  • Implementation 


As a member of The CEO Circle, you’ll get a huge helping of limitless discounts, early access, and priority that outsiders won’t know about and definitely won’t get access to. Why?...

Because we do it for the culture,” baby!

50% OFF One on One Coaching Sessions with Joy Pittman, “The JoyYou Need”

CEO’ing can be lonely… especially when trying to build and lead your team effectively. There are some questions and concerns that you can’t share with everyone. 

You need an honest, objective, and knowledgeable thought partner. Schedule some one-on-one time with Joy so she can support you in making the RIGHT decision for you and your business! 

Affiliate Opportunities
Unlimited Earning Potential 

Of course, we’d love it if you help spread the word about us.

And, when you do, you’ll earn money when the referral works with us.

Tell a friend about our services and when we get paid you get paid . . . and because this is a monthly service you can expect to get paid MONTHLY

Joy Pittman

known as the “Olivia Pope of HR,” is a well-known and highly-sought after Human Resources and management expert.

As the founder of HR For The Culture, Joy leans into her 15 years of experience to create, coordinate, and manage foundational systems to help catapult her clients to levels of exponential growth. 


Areas of expertise include:

·      HR strategy development

·      Leadership and team development

·      Diversity and inclusion initiatives

·      Employee engagement

·      Organizational effectiveness

·      Performance management

Every aspect of The HRFTC CEO Circle was created with intention because ain’t nobody got time for useless fluff.

At HR For The Culture, we thrive off delivering premium and exclusive service to get you results consistently.


So much value received during today's Strategic Planning Session:

#1 Find your voice. Being part of coaching programs and getting advice from various experts will have your head spinning, adding things into your business, taking things out that may work for YOU and frankly at times just paralyzed because you've lost clarity and ultimately direction (and have a hot mess pizza aka business).

#2 I really need to apply my advice, insight, ideas and suggestions to my own business and trust myself.

GREAT SESSION...Truly grateful

Denise Bogan, CEO

Apply Now

Are You Ready For EXPONENTIAL Growth In Your Business Now? 

Join The HRFTC CEO Circle today

The CEO Circle is an annual program for small business CEOs who are navigating these HR streets and need a trusted advisor, credible resources, and a supportive community. With programming and resources designed to address the critical areas of Team, Leadership, and Culture, the CEO Circle provides the strategy, implementation, and execution support you need to build and lead your D.O.P.E. Team.

This program includes:

For you -  The CEO


  • Strategic Planning sessions 

    1. June - Saturday, Jun 3, 2023 from 9:30 to 12:30

    2. September - Saturday, Sep 2, 2023 9:30 to 12:30

    3. December - Saturday, Dec 2, 2023 9:30 to 12:30

    4. March - Saturday, Mar 2, 2024 9:30 to 12:30


  • Expert Hours

    1. SOPs and Process Development 

    2. Attracting the Right People/Employer Branding

    3. Team Training & Development 

    4. Implementation 

  • Deep Dive Training on the topics of Leadership, Team, and Culture

  • Leaders Are Readers - Chat and Sip: Reading materials will be provided


  • HotSeat/Q&A Sessions with Joy to get your questions answered.

For your Team:


The C-Suite: The C-Suite is exclusively designed to support our CEO Circle members providing Implementation/Project Management and Execution/People Management coaching and support for your 2nd-level leader(s). Each CEO Circle membership comes with one seat in The C-Suite. Additional seats can be added to your membership at $50 per month per seat.

  • Two coaching calls per month 

    • Process - Strategy & Implementation 

    • People - Execution and People Management 


  • Who is The HRFTC CEO Circle for?
    CEOs who are ready to level up but need help to create, build, and grow their team.
  • When do the doors open?
    You’re just in time. We opened the doors in July and we are ready and waiting for you.
  • Who will be presenting and leading sessions?
    Joy Pittman, 15 + year experienced HR professional and founder of HR For The Culture, will lead sessions and will guide her team to ensure premium service to every member.
  • How will we meet?
    LIVE meetings will be held online via Zoom. After you register below, you’ll be sent an email with next steps and important information.
  • Will the meetings be recorded?
    Due to the sensitive nature of HR matters, we will not record the Q&A sessions HOWEVER all training and strategy sessions will be recorded. Note: We encourage members to respect confidentiality and refrain from carrying information outside of the group.
  • How long is the program?
    The HRFTC CEO Circle is an annual membership program.
  • How much is the program?
    The annual investment is $7,500. One time and automated monthly payment options are available.
  • When is the investment due?
    Your investment is due monthly or annually (based on the option you select when you join).
  • Can I cancel my service?
    We strive to offer our members a premium experience designed for optimal results. While we’d hate to see you go, if you find yourself dissatisfied with your experience, membership can be canceled at any time with 60 day’s notice.

Thank you so much for creating this space! I learned so much on the 1st session that I've officially gotten my full years worth lol but seriously, the homework was a great tool to help me think this through because I am struggling when it comes to hiring for profitability.

If you want to grow your business, this is the HR membership that you need to be in. Hiring another VA is most likely not your automatic next hire. Joy is the GOAT at this!

Atiya Brown, CEO

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