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The Melanated Moguls  

Signature Leadership Development Program.  

You now have access to a bi-monthly virtual membership program created exclusively for Black women founders and small business owners who want exponential growth, but need help making the transition from stress to success as they build and lead their team.


Our goal is to serve and help as many business owners as we can.

If you want to “Do It Yourself” but not by yourself join our 12-month membership program.

CEO Education

Find out the secret sauce to building the right team to support you, and serve your customers as you build your business.  

LIVE Group Calls With Our Founder

You’ll have questions, and you can have them answered by our founder, Joy Pittman, every month during our live group calls. 

HR Tool Templates and Resources

Each month we will provide access to new templates, checklists, and information resources designed to help you start implementing the things you have learned. 

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