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The Build a D.O.P.E. Team
Hiring + Onboarding Tool Kits


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Hiring and onboarding a D.O.P.E. team is one of the most important things you can do for your business.  But let's keep on 100 … trying to get it done has you on the struggle bus.


Your current process (if you even have one) is all over the place and is costing you time and money - especially if you are doing it all yourself (or with the help of google).  


Well, HR For the Culture wants you off that struggle bus ASAP!

So we did a thing...

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We created comprehensive Hiring and Onboarding Toolkits that guide you through setting up (or streamlining) each process.


We wanted you to have a simple, rinse-and-repeat system so you can focus less on the process and more on the people. 

Whether hiring your first “official” employee or building a growing team, our Hiring and Onboarding Guides with customizable templates will prepare you to take the next step confidently. 



We’ve provided everything you need to start dreaming bigger, executing better, and scaling faster. 

While we did our good work putting together these toolkits, we know that you may still need some Expert Level support. So If you’d like expert guidance on how to customize or implement these toolkits, consider adding on our BADT Consultation Package, which includes two 45-minute consultations with one of our Principal Consultants!


We’ll do some intake ahead of time to answer your most pressing questions and help you brainstorm custom solutions that work for your business.

Happy Friends

What's Included?

Hiring Guide

Onboarding Toolkit

  • Hiring Guide
    to lead you through each step of the hiring process, so you can attract good people and build your D.O.P.E. team


  • Job Description Template
    to keep you in compliance and ensure you set clear and objective expectations and qualifications from the start


  • Employee Avatar Worksheet
    to get specific about who you want to hire and create clear candidate selection criteria


  • Job Posting Template
    so you can effectively market the role and attract the right people 


  • Interview Evaluation Form
    to ensure every member of the hiring team knows what to do AND what not to do during the interview


  • Sample Interview Questions
    for everything from phone screens to skill-based interviews to reference checks - and an important list of questions & topics to avoid!

  • Onboarding Guide
    to help you design a process that boosts productivity, engagement, and retention


  • Onboarding Checklist
    to ensure all of your bases are covered from the moment, you make the offer letter to the end of their 90-Day review


  • 90-Day Onboarding Plan Template
    to help you set clear 30, 60, and 90-day goals for your new hire using our signature LCL Method


  • 90-Day Self-Evaluation Form
    for the new hire to reflect on their accomplishments, growth opportunities, and ongoing support needs


  • 90-Day Review Form
    for leaders to assess their new hire’s progress and performance and set goals


  • Hiring & Onboarding Survey 
    to gather information from your new hires that will help you improve the experience time and time again.


Joy Pittman

Joy Pittman is a Human Resources Expert, People Strategist, Public Speaker, Educator, and Sprinkler of Black Girl Brilliance. Fueled by the belief that businesses could increase profitability and impact if they tapped into the power of their people, Joy decided to leverage her 15-plus years of HR experience to help Black-owned service-based businesses hire the right people, at the right time, in the right way. 


That decision gave birth to HR For The Culture. Employing their proven Build A D.O.P.E. Team™ Method, HRFTC helps Black founders and visionaries design and align the teams they need to dream bigger, execute better and scale faster.


HRFTC specializes in building out the processes and systems needed to build an effective human resources function in small businesses. Since it was founded in 2020, we have  served over 150 small businesses helping them build the teams they need to dream bigger, execute better and scale faster.



  • Who is The HRFTC CEO Circle for?
    CEOs who are ready to level up but need help to create, build, and grow their team.
  • When do the doors open?
    You’re just in time. We opened the doors in July and we are ready and waiting for you.
  • Who will be presenting and leading sessions?
    Joy Pittman, 15 + year experienced HR professional and founder of HR For The Culture, will lead sessions and will guide her team to ensure premium service to every member.
  • How will we meet?
    LIVE meetings will be held online via Zoom. After you register below, you’ll be sent an email with next steps and important information.
  • Will the meetings be recorded?
    Due to the sensitive nature of HR matters, we will not record the Q&A sessions HOWEVER all training and strategy sessions will be recorded. Note: We encourage members to respect confidentiality and refrain from carrying information outside of the group.
  • How long is the program?
    The HRFTC CEO Circle is an annual membership program.
  • How much is the program?
    The annual investment is $7,500. One time and automated monthly payment options are available.
  • When is the investment due?
    Your investment is due monthly or annually (based on the option you select when you join).
  • Can I cancel my service?
    We strive to offer our members a premium experience designed for optimal results. While we’d hate to see you go, if you find yourself dissatisfied with your experience, membership can be canceled at any time with 60 day’s notice.
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